Death List Five demos review

[Knifey-Spoony Records]

I recieved these demos a couple hours before I left town for Xmas and forgot about them until I cleaned my room and found them the other day. So, 'Oops, My Bad!' on that one. Then I had to wait until I got to work to listen to them because the tops of the CDs are fucking spraypainted, badly I may add, and I didn't want to risk damaging my own computer. It's unfortunate that over the past few years, the term "D.I.Y" has become another way to say "Shitty Quality" and there's no reason for that, since we're living in the god damn 21st century where basically everything is virtually free over the internet and you don't need to do things like spraypaint your CDRs and get them all runny and shitty to the point where the paint drips onto the other side of the CD.

Luckily, the CDs actually played. Death List Five do a two piece thrash/hardcore punk thing. These kids look young, so I'm not going to bust balls too hard. The recordings are kind of terrible. On the first demo, the guitar sounds like shit, or more affectionately, like a bag of angry bees covered in shit. On the second demo, the guitar sounds ok, but the drums sound...um...hilarious.

On a more positive note, there's at least a notable progression in songwriting on the second demo, so they're at least getting better with experience. Some peoples can't even do that. They'd benefit from a better recording since they're only a two piece and they need some kind of kick in the ass to fill out their sound. Thrash is supposed to be frantic and angry, and the recordings don't do thrash justice. Then again, the fanbase for this type of music really doesn't give a shit about sound quality, so maybe I'm being too critical.

All in all, I'm sure these kids are better in a live setting where one doesn't have to worry about drippy spraypaint demos and non existent lyric sheets and what not.

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