This World and Its Fucked Up Priorities

I was watching Maury Povich at 3:30 this morning, as I'm sure all of you were, and it was one of those shows where Maury flaunts the wretchedly deformed and gives them Nintendos and Starbury sneakers. The eighteen year old girl who looks like a nine year old alien and the sixty pound face-tumor woman was on it. I didn't stay up to watch the whole thing. I was disgusted. At the deformities? No (yes, but that's not the reason). At Maury's blatant exploitation of the poor bastards? No, plus South Park covered that better than I ever could. The reason I stopped watching was because they showed a baby in China born with three arms and the baby's parents had the audacity to get the extra arm surgically removed.

Having three arms is not a deformity; it's an evolution. It's not like it was one of those non-functioning little arms with the teeny hands. It was little, but it worked. They had to teach the baby to use its other two arms properly in lieu of the mental trauma caused by the missing appendage. I don't think this baby is new on the retard exploitation scene so you may have seen it, but it's new to me.

I couldn't/didn't feel like finding the actual clip on Maury, but this'll do. If I had that arm I'd masturbate while doing EVERYTHING. Also, does it not seem perfect for holding a beer while you're driving? It's all low-key and shit. I guess the jokes are too easy, but...