a wonderful podcast I highly recommend

So this dude Chris Bopst started a radio show in Richmond years ago, where he bought time on some shitty AM radio station during the daytime, played his retarded mix of music, and it was great. Any time I was in RVA within the minute range of their AM tower, I'd have that shit on. Bopst is one of those hardcore music nerd dudes who refuses to download shit and pretty much still buys everything in a tangible format (meaning physical, with art and shit to clutter up your life). His show grew in popularity because it was one of the best things on the Richmond radio machines, but also because Richmond is chock full of misfits, malcontents, and retards. Well, the AM radio station, after it got more notoriety, decided to change it's format and dump Mr. Bopst, which means almost half the people who were listening stopped listening. (I think they went on some black nationalism "for us by us" kick.) After a couple of months of it being gone, The Bopst Show is back in the world, albeit inside the stupid internetz. I can't recommend this dude's show enough. He's given Solaris Earth Pipeline a lot of love, but beyond that, his show is always good for some shit you hadn't heard or needed to hear. HERE IS THE PAGE FOR THE FIRST WEEK'S SHOW. There are options there for either dl'ing the single first week show or for subscribing to that jank for eternity. You should snag this shit before that website's bandwidth explodes.