I can also bring the hatred, even if most shit generally doesn't do more than annoy me. What I have for you now is constructive hatred. I'm mostly resigned to the fact that T-Pain has like 4-6 singles and/or guest-spots out every single month. Some of those are pretty good songs, too. But there is some inexcusably stupid shit T-Pain does that deserves to get clowned. Today, it's his total lack of lyrical ability. Example, from "Bartender":

"Ooh, she made us drinks
to drink
we drunk 'em
got drunk"

T-Pain also gets really close to that farting in the microphone line. He could make a song with EEP-OPP-ORK-AH-AH as the chorus and people would have a new dance craze in the first week.

Dude is a Rapper Ternt Sanger (Because He Couldn't Fucking Rap In The First Place & Didn't Want To Be A Rapper Ternt Exterminator.) I don't hate T-Pain, but the motherfucker could hire a ghostwriter or something.