(T. Fed & M. Dikk a couple years ago on New Years Eve.)

1. We are doing this insane movie tournament thing over at the EWA blog. I encourage everyone to go participate in the voting, especially if you are a fan of shitty movies. Right now the polls are for asian movies, but there will be 256 movies in total in a March Madness style tourney to decide the greatest movie for lowlifes and degenerates.

2. Speaking of the EWA blog, the monthly 25 for May/June obviously isn't up yet. It will be up eventually, but I imagine it will be up over there sooner than over here because it takes me like 2 hours to reformat all that shit for this blog, and I won't have an extra two hours to do that until Monday or so, so you might want to check over there for the monthly 25 list.

3. If you have Netflix and you're a moron like me, you may have never noticed they have a feature where you can stream movies directly from their site for no extra cost and no penalty against your regular rentals. I've been told they've had this service since January but I just found out about it two days ago. It's only for PC's and Internet Explorer though. I watched a documentary called "I Like Killing Flies" that I highly recommend to everyone who is into weird documentaries.

4. The EWA100 Jamz list will return sometime next week. Hopefully that will bring my site traffic back up. Everyone dropped me like a bad habit. I'm posting NHL Pre-Season Game ratings numbers right now.

5. Over the past few weeks, I've begun to notice there are music blogs dedicated to other stuff besides rap music. I was wondering if any of you more eclectic types out there knew of any place where i could grab some Bollywood/Bombay records. They are way too expensive on vinyl, even when you can find them.