42nd Street Forever (iPod Video Nerd Content)

When I first got my iPod Video, someone told me about a program called Handbrake, which at the time, was Mac only. Now it seems to be for all OS's and it's super easy to use to convert DVD to iPod video, along with a bunch of other formats. You can even encode separate chapters, so now more jumping through all kinds of hoops to separately convert single episodes from TV DVDs.

Go here to download Handbrake.

I started fucking with it tonight, and encoded a trailer from the DVD 42nd Street Forever. If you have Netflix, I HIGHLY recommend renting this, along with the second volume. (There's an XXX one too, but that's not on Netflix). Especially if you're into exploitation/"grindhouse" type flicks. It's DVD comprised of old movie trailers they'd show in the grindhouses back in the day. If you saw the movie Grindhouse and like a lot of people, thought the fake trailers were the best part, you need to see this DVD, as the actual trailers they would make back then were way crazier.

Anyway, here's the trailer for the I Dismember Mama/Blood Splattered Bride Double Feature. It's must see shit. It's iPod ready but can be viewed by anyone with Quicktime. Expect more stuff like this in the future (including more stuff from the DVD)

I Dismember Mama/Blood Splattered Bride Trailer
around 4 minutes. 30 MB.