I just felt like being a great guy and plugging some crap.

First, Saturday, April 7th is my band's (Evixxion) last show. I'm sure anyone who would care that visits this site already knows about that, but just in case. This will probably be my last time on a stage....EVER! If you need any info, you can click on that flyer up here, or just ask me. We are still recording for posterity so we will have a full length CD before the end of the world.

There is now an Official Expert Whiteboy Analysis Blog. There's not much up there right now, but it's going to cover a bunch of stuff, not just music. It will hopefully get good in the near future, so check that out someday. yeah.

Old friend and fellow zinester, Al Andujar has put out a book that collects two of his old zines called "Through A Child's Eye: The Book", You can read more about it and order it RIGHT HERE.

Check out Wake Your Daughter Up if you don't already. Lot's of good reading on the hip hop, and they bring some traffic over here, which is always nice.

There's a couple of cool record stores I got to go to over the past month or so. The first is Gee's Records in Stratford, CT. I was there in the past, when it was still called New & Oldies, but i guess it's under new management. They have a TON of records, and it would take a while to go through everything. Some of the prices are..illogical, and they don't have much as far as bargain records go, but the sheer volume of their inventory is impressive enough. You can probably find at least a few things you've been looking for there. They have a ton of most genres. The metal section is kind of weak, but not that many record nerds are actually into buying metal records anyway. If for some reason you're in southern CT and you're into records, you need to stop by.

The other spot is Armageddon Record Shop in Providence, RI. It's a record store run by one of the dudes from Dropdead. They've been around for a while now, but I finally got to go there yesterday. They specialize in Hardcore/Thrash/Punk/Metal/etc. vinyl, and they have quite a lot of it for such a small store. I ended up picking up 20 records from their bargain bins and I was surprised by what they were selling for so cheap. Not that it was anything that I could flip on Ebay, but it wasn't 5 boxes of Herb Alpert and Big Band records either. Though the main focus of the store is mainly everything between Punk and Metal, they have other stuff. The bargain bins were filled with all kinds of shit, and they have quaint little soundtrack/soul/rock/exotica sections too. Definitely, definitely stop by if you find yourself in Rhode Island.

That's it for now. TOODLES.