My semi-longtime friend and ex-partner in Face Rocking, Scot A. Burro, along with a person i don't know in real life, has started up a nifty little T-shirt company that all you silly bastards should check out if you want to look the freshest come summer time. As I said, they're just starting up, so they only offer 4 designs at the moment (one of which, is the pic above), and they're all $18 postage paid. This is all top quality shit printed on high end T shirts. All designs are multi-colored, so the $18 fee isn't ridiculous like some "Designer T-Shirt" Fraud Masters that have no problem charging you $25 or more plus shipping for a one color one-sided print, when they know full well that shit was no more than $6 per shirt to print up. Fucking assheads. Anyway check them out and tell your fashion conscious friends.


If you tell them Mike Dikk sent you over, you probably won't recieve a discount.

Also, I should have another EWA post up later on as long as I don't forget about it.