Esau / Willus Drummond - 5 Song Super Single

(Bad cell phone pic. Credit: Mike Dikk)

I'm a dork, so I like to remember things like where I bought specific records. I'm almost positive I got this from Cutler's in New Haven, CT, but there's a slight chance it came from Other Music in NYC. I know none of this concerns you, the reader, but the mystery of where I got this from is almost as mysterious as the actual record. It's not really, but I needed a good segue.

Both Esau and Willus Drummond popped up during that late 90's/early 00's underground rap boom. I had a little previous knowledge of Willus Drummond via the www.ughh.com site. They used to have (they still might actually) streaming Real Audio of all the singles they sold, which I thought was completely revolutionary at the time. It's where I found out about my current number one hip hop hero, Madlib/Quasimoto, and many other dudes that kept me interested in rap music in the dark days of the early 00's. I had a lot of disposable money way back then, so I decided to pick this up based on that shitty quality Real Audio clip I heard of "Special Purpose" (not on this record) on www.ughh.com.

I definitely wasn't dissapointed with this purchase. Willus Drummond is a pretty funny joke rapper. His first track, "Makin' Music (With Your mom)" is a beat jack of Biz Markie's "Make The Music With Your Mouth, Biz" and the second track, "It's A Stick Up" is yet another beat jack of various Nice & Smooth and Gangstarr beats. They're both pretty hilarious, and I find myself still laughing to them 6 years later. What Willus lacks in technical skill, he more than makes up with his sense of humor.

Esau on the other hand is a weird case. He's self-deprecating and player hating at the same time. These songs, again, may not be technically up to snuff with his underground peers at the time, but he's got some shit to say. He had a full length by the name of "The Debut Album...The Farewell Tour" that I managed to snag 95% of during the early days of Soulseek, but I've since lost it. I'm really pissed about that, because he has a song on there with Blackmel (AKA Supasition) where they go back and forth dissin' each other and it's one of the funniest songs ever recorded.

Willus was supposed to have a full length called "Choose Your Own Adventure", but I don't think it ever came out. As far as I know, he had one other single (Evacuate the Planet b/w Special Purpose) that I had in electronic form back in the day but lost just like the Esau CD.

It's only been 6 years, but both rappers apparently dropped off the face of the earth. Both web addresses listed on the record don't work. Esau has a personal website with absolutely no info on it, and as far as I can tell, Willus Drummond has no myspace at all. It's a god damn shame.

If anyone out there has any material by either rapper besides this 12", please get at me. I'd like to get a hold of it again.

Here's the record for you vultures. There's a chance I may have fucked up the id3 tags as I was multitasking at the time, so if it shows up fucked up in your Itunes, this is what it SHOULD look like.

Esau / Willus Drummond - 5 Song Super Single (2001. Landspeed Distro.)

Esau side
a1. 2 Many Emcees (feat. Apathy, Danja Mowf, The Nobodies, Blackmel, 7 Yaggfu Front)
a2. 2 Many Emcees (Instrumental)
a3. Boo
a4. Underground
a5. Underground (Instrumental)
a6. Shout Outs

Willus Drummond side
b1. Makin' Music (Dirty)
b2. Makin' Music (Clean)
b3. Makin' Music (Instrumental)
b4. It's A Stickup
b5. It's A Stickup (Instrumental)
b6. Shout Outs

Enjoy, and make sure to get at me if you have any other Esau/Willus Drummond stuff. Thanks.

Download: Esau/Willus Drummond - 5 Song Super Single