Kitty Little - Know No Shame

[Art of the Underground]

Kitty Little is a three piece band from Albany that plays catchy and dirty pop-rock. Although they've been around for a hot minute, this is their first full length and actually, the first time I've ever heard the band on a CD.

That's what does it for me though. There's a lot of things on here you normally wouldn't be able to make out during a live set or the previous vinyl releases. The recording really brings out the best in Kitty Little. Everything is clear enough to easily digest, but not overproduced. The songs are even catchier when you can hear every little melody and note, and the piano on "Know No Shame" is a nice touch, and would have previously been impossible to pull off in a live setting, since, as i noted before, the band is a three-piece.

If you're into powerpop or garage rock with a little punk thrown in there, their aren't many bands that do it as well as Kitty Little. Their other stuff was good, but 'Know No Shame' is the real deal. Even the older material on here is better. Highly recommended unless you're some kind of closet case who can't have fun every once in a while.

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