ActionReaction - 3 is the Magic Number

[Equal Vision]

ActionReaction write real cheerful sounding pop rock, which would be a good thing if I liked real cheerul pop rock. Or maybe even if it was Swedish influenced ala ABBA or Komeda, but it's not. It's very 'Merican.

Some songs even have a little country influence, but the production is so clean that it sounds like a commercial theme for the new Roy Rogers kids meal. In fact, the entire CD kind of has a consumerist america feel to it. I can really picture myself online shopping on the GAP website in one window, with another browser window open searching for the newest scandalous pictures of Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan while listening to this CD. Don't get me wrong, it's really, really good for what it is, but I don't like anything that I can recognize as being influenced by country music, no matter how poppy and clinical it is. I'm also not too fond of america at the moment and I don't even like white people that much because I'm a race traitor. If you are the exact opposite of me, I implore you to buy this right now.