Betrayed - Substance

[Equal Vision]

Dudes from Champion and Carry On get together and make...umm...regular old Hardcore.

Champion and Carry On were both known for kind of pushing the envelope when it came to modern hardcore. Both bands breathed fresh air into the old school '88 style formula, but Betrayed is just kind of there. Now I guess depending on what way you look at it, it's better than guys from some bands y ou liked a lot getting together to make radio rock. Although in a way, that may show signs of "maturing", but I don't buy that shit.

On the positive side, there are a LOT less traditional sounding hardcore bands around than there were a couple years ago. So in that sense, Betrayed are doing something that will still appeal to those kids with complete Bridge 9 discographies in their record boxes. Word on the street is that this band already broke up, so there's hardly a chance of seeing this band live, but if you were into Champion or Carry On, or just regular no frills hardcore, then pick this up. For those more adventurous types looking for different styles of music, stay far away. This CD doesn't color outside of the lines at all.