Idunno how frequent this will be, but today I will bring you two reasons why hip-hop will never die. Not ever. Not while the works of "Prime Time" Deion Sanders still exist, it won't.

Most of you only know him as the showboating jerk who played football for the Cowboys. What you probably forgot is his first album (Prime Time, natch) and its only single. Sanders's sheer arrogance exemplifies the rap hustle, the hood rich mentality that we applaud in our duffle bag boys now. Everything Diddy did in 1997, he learned it from watching Prime Time. It's possible Tony Yayo learned the dumb-out from this video. He has an En Vogue knockoff singing back-up, dancing and blowing bubbles over his bubble bath in matching outfits. "My libary card gon change into credit cards..." It's okay to hate, you know you want to. (Must be the money.) Make it rain Deion!

Up next, a rare classic. The Street Fighter soundtrack appears to be a convergence of awesome, however I have yet to hear it myself. If any of you readers of this pimptacular blog know where I can get my hands on it on the DL, hook a halfie up. Anyway, I digress - this soundtrack gave us a rare classic collaboration between Prime Time and Bay Area legend, HAMMER. The list of excellent things in this video includes (but is not limited to) the following:

*Jean-Claude Van Damme kicking it real big with the boys in a strip club populated by sumo wrestlers, UN soldiers, snake charmers and random biker white guys
*A jobber r&b group who don't even get namechecked in-song
*Deion's gold-plated throne, and what may be the En Vogue knockoffs from the first video
*The confrontation between Hammer/Deion/Van Damme and the movie's thugs, most importantly Miguel A Nuñez.
*Jean-Claude Van Damme: Dancing like a motherfucker

I'm filling this funk like 4 flat tires.