Carbon 14 Issue 30 OUT NOW!

I just wanted to let you bloodsuckers know that the new issue of Carbon 14 should have hit your finer book and record shops this week. Carbon 14 is a twice yearly magazine that covers Art, Film, Music, Smut & Wrestling and features Dumpin's own Raven Mack and Mike Dikk. Not so much me right now, I only do record reviews, but I will hopefully branch out into more shit in future issues. It's $6 and comes with a free CD. There's a pretty great interview with Kevin Sullivan in this issue, and also an interview with TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, which is a band featuring ex-Brutal Truth member Rich Hoak, who is one of the most famous dudes I've smoked weed with (namedrop, scene points).
I honestly don't know which chain stores carry it. I remember seeing it in some Borders stores and it was mainly in Tower Records stores across the country, but they had to be dicks and close down. If you see it, pick it up! Their website is over here.