small update

Hi dorks.

Unofrtunately, the EWA100 list will be going on a short hiatus while we regroup and get ready to write the rest of it. The monthly 25 is way behind schedule so we have to work on that. I'll still be updating, just not that list. I might throw up some reviews or vinyl rips. I don't know yet. I'm a free spirit.

Next post will be all the bulk downloads re-upped. Plus I'm going to use it as a master list for the entire EWA100 list and put a link to it in the sidebar, so you can find any specific entry you're looking for a lot easier than wading through 38 years worth of nonsense. So yeah.

Thanks to the two people who provided me with content for my ipod video. www.ipodarchive.com has some cool shit, and I haven't gotten a chance to really go through www.ipodgarage.com yet but I plan to soon.