A few things (Madlib, Three 6 & Ipods)

I'll post up the next song in the countdown a little later. For now:

1. Blogsite, Music N Media has posted up a new DJ Kool Kid/Three 6 Mafia mixtape. I normally don't advocate downloading such things, not because they're possibly illegal, but more because they are usually horrible, and honestly, this "mixtape" sounds like it was made with Audacity, and I guess I could have done it myself and saved time not listening to all the DJ overdubs and promo crap, but in case you haven't heard, Three 6's next record got pushed back to July 3rd, and this weekend is like the beginning of Summer and you can't have summer without Three 6 Mafia. This mixtape is 95% old shit (There's a beat jack of "hustlin" i've never heard before and another track that sounds like it was recorded straight off XXL's streaming audio section), so it should catch you up with Three 6 in case you've been slacking. Go get that.

2. Stones Throw threw up a new podcast which is all Madlib remixes he's done over the past 10 years, all mixed together by J Rocc. Some of them are official remixes, and some are bootleg ones he did for fun. This includes that dope bootleg Nas remix of a song I don't know the name of that sounds like it could have been in the Logan's Run movie. It was also on the last Mind Fusion CD. Either go to the Stones Throw site, or subscribe to the podcast through Itunes if you want it. It's all free and LEGAL.

3. Speaking of i-things. Does anyone out there in cyberspace fuck with video i-pods? I have one, and I'm normally too lazy to rip DVD's into mp4 format, and I'm not about to pay for that shit on itunes, so I was wondering if anyone out there had cool shit in mp4 format or knows of a place where I can get cool shit in mp4 format. Not torrent sites though. Those things piss me off. If you are too shady to share your vast mp4 info with the entire world, feel free to e-mail me or hit me up on AIM: Mikedikkwst. I'd really appreciate some new shit to put on my ipod because im going away for the weekend and it would come in handy. THANKS IN ADVANCE YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.