Dumpin.net March Madness

A few years back, in a project that ultimately created the Xpert Whiteboyz Analysist Posse (or X-WAP... we have a hand signal/gang sign that spells it out, but you have to have six fingers on your left hand, which, oddly enough, both John Dawson and Keenon Mobb both have), we did this Best MC Evar!!! tournament by poll thing to coincide with actual NCAA March Madness on some fucking dork ass message board we all posted on back then, and like most overblown projects where public opinion decides thing, it ended up all screwy, and internet people thought us asseaters for our opinionz.
Well, it's been long enough time, me and mike have been pretend talking about starting up new shit on dumpin for like a month or two now, I am mostly unemployed, with not much to do once my food stamp EBT card runs out each month, so I figured fuck it, let's do it again, like a whiteboy would. Except we (I say "we" but thus far, this has mostly been my brainfuck, because no one is really "motivated" because most of us are either not working or raising newborns or both or mulatto which mixes the laziness of black and the feelings of entitlement of white into one person and that means trouble) figured it better to do something different than just repeat the Best MC Evar!!! gimmick. At one point last year, we had started working on a megalist (which of course was never finished) of living people who could make the hip hop awesome again. So that will be the category. First, here are some disclaimers and proclaimers and rulings regarding that category...
A) the whole "hip hop is dead" meme is fucking played and a half and actually about two cycles of the blogosphere away from becoming retro-hip on the nostalgia tip
B) if you think hip hop is more awesome than ever right now and love you some pink polo shirts with hand-knitted scarves, that's all good; just go ahead and rephrase the "make hip hop awesome again" into "make hip hop even more fucking better than it already is;" let us not argue about semantics fore that might get in the way of useless arguing about what half-obscure shithead is better than some other half-obscure shithead
C) the only people to be considered are still alive fuckers (for-real alive, not Tupac alive) and individuals, not groups/crews/collectives; in the case you are thinking about a crew, pick your favorite/ringleader/backbone to that crowd
D) all of the above

What I am asking for at this point is your input, random fuckers inside the robot screen, as to who should or should not be included in the field of 64. There are multiple ways you can do this. First off, you can go to the sorta dumpin.net message board aka The Secret Clubhouse and there is a thread there in the music folder where this can all be discussed at length. You have to register and then get approved, so sometimes none of us show up for a while, so don't be all like "damn, I registered 21 minutes ago, why can't I post?" It is a laid back place not full of the usual internet faggotry yet, so don't come in there wiping your feet on the coffee table and shit. Although I doubt anyone cares.
If you'd prefer, you can just suggest, discuss, and libel up the list as a response to this post. The making of the field will happen inside the Clubhouse, but I'm certainly not against anonymous nominations here. Also, if you know me or mike's email (I think his is in the sidebar, and mines is ravenmack at gmail you know the rest of the deal), you can send us electronic messages about it. Did you hear about how the post office was gonna start charging like stamps for every email? Yeah, supposedly starting in April. So email us now, before it costs 47 cents.
The first polls will kick off on March 17th, and this whole thing promises to be a thing. How great or stupid it ends up being is entirely up to you, and I will probably blame you for it anyways. So you might as well get in where you're gonna fit in now.