Doing Hip Hop pushups & taking my Rap vitamins

SO after a very lengthy hiatus, I've decided to once again head full force into the arena of rap blogging. I plan to stay committed to the original Dumpin credo of pretending to blog about rap music but really blogging about something else that vaguely relates to rap music.

Unfortunately, It's not like I just stopped blogging but kept up with all the happenings of the rap world. I'm like 6 months behind, so I have a lot of catching up to do before Dumpin will be 100% awesome. I'm also moving in a couple of weeks with no real job prospects, so there's a slight chance my return will be cut short when I find out the homeless shelter I'm forced to live in doesn't have wi-fi access.

Another obstacle to overcome is that my regular man-sized iPod got stolen a few months ago, so I have this little baby 4GB hot pink iPod that's a hand me down from my little sister because she felt bad for me, so I can't digest music as rapidly as I used to.

For now, I have an ordered set plan for the relaunch of Project Dumpin 2.0:

1. Clean up some of the mess in the sidebar. Get rid of all the link to blogs I don't remember and fuck with these newfangled blogger widgets. If you are actually reading this, and you are a blogger, and you feel wronged by me for cutting your link, then get in touch. For now, I'm only going to include the people who actually made an effort to stay in touch with me (and you know, honest good blogs) while I was shunning the internet.

2. Post up the good, non-outdated bits from a failed Dumpin/EWA restart that took place last November.

3. Start posting some stream of consciousness reviews for the handful of rap CD's I've listened to over the past few months.

4. Go through the metric ton of bullshit press releases I get every day and see if it's worth my time to pluck some out to make fun of or actually promote.

5. Find out who still wants to write for this dumb stupid jerk website.

6. ???

7. Profit.

Speaking of those press releases, here is some content that you rightfully deserve after putting up with all of those words:

This is a video entitled "A YO Ma" by someone named Matt Diamond. It is the type of black humor that goes way over my head since I lost my Ghetto Pass when I moved to Providence, Rhode Island. IT also seems to go on several minutes longer than it should

A YO MA! from DITCH FILMS on Vimeo

This other thing is a mixtape by old Dumpin friend. Skipp Whitman. He is not really our friend friend, but he personally e-mailed me before and sent his CD by ACTUAL mail for me to review once, so that's cool. Now there's some press release robot machine e-mailing me with his new shit. The mixtape is called "Skipp Whitman Vs. Richard Pryor" and I would post the cover but the image they sent me is entirely too fucking big. I haven't listened to this yet, but I will someday, I swear.


That's all for now. Feel free to comment so I know people are still reading. TTYL Bloodsuckers.