fat dudes with sweet voices

Hey guys,

If you are one of the few people that like(s?) Buncocky Cast and all the stupid videos I post, then you should check out Buncocky.com , as it will be the new home for my bullshit. Anyone who kept checking this blog in hopes of getting fine statements, declarations, and opinions on the hippity hoppps, were probably fed up with my bullshit, anyways. It's like, sometimes you just wanna read some shit about Pac or Bun B (I don't know who Bun B is but he has a funny name)and instead you're watching Brett Favre's racist ass have a butt-judging contest with his backyard homoboyz.

The main reason I am gonna stop posting stuff here all the time (not really all the time, but...you know... when I do)is because I feel kinda like...I guess like this site is promising you steak, you show up, and you find out that they're out of steak and only serving Steak 'Ums. I be the Steak 'Ums. And I feel like a jerk trying to remotely connect my dumb shit to rap music.

I'll post here still if it makes sense to. But my crap will be on Buncocky.com . Why the self important rant? Because I'd like to think I make a difference in the world. I'd like to think that what I do means something. And also, sometimes I want to post videos like this...

...but I'm mad scared that you guys will call me names and say mean stuff when all I want to do is kick back, get sensitive, and listen to fat dudes with sweet voices play happy melodies on the guitar.

Jay Pud