Speaking of Bob Digi's album art...

Bill Bill Sienkiewicz did that first Bobby Digital album cover and he's a pretty great and famous comic book dude, on top of being exceptional at the album art. I'm not sure if he still fucks with the album covers in this mp3 ipod world, but I imagine his shit would be too costly to dudes only getting paid for some downloads.

When that first Bobby Digital record was released, Wu was on an amazing streak of kicking the ass of rap music. You can argue that the RZA as Bobby Digital was the first mediocre Wu release since their debut (I wouldn't say that. I am a HUGE fan of RZA as Bobby Digital), so they had a pretty long streak of classic albums up until that point.

Fast forward to right now, and outside of Ghost, it's been kind of a while since the Wu had anything worth talking about. They don't have the label backing they used to, and probably don't have the kind of budget to get a big name behind the album design, so instead of getting Bill S. to work on his new record, RZA apparently opted for the weird kid that sat in back of the study hall that drew in his notebook all day:

(click to enlarge and bask in the greatness)

I'm not saying this album art is bad persee. It's definitely charming in it's own special way. It's just no Bill Sienkiewicz.

Anyway, I'm moving to another state in 6 days. Expect a complete relaunch of this stupid website once I get my head straight.