March Madness

Man, I love the college basketballs... I have made it a tradition to lay out of school/work/whatever during the first Friday of the ACC tournament to get drunk and/or high and watch them thangs for many years. This year has found my self-employed ass more unemployed than not in recent months, so I guess I'll probably work on Friday. Plus, I skimmed back my drinking pretty heavily so that I can get under the required weight for suicide bombers, although I also heard they were gonna expand the parameters for Americans.
Anyways, there is a March Madness college tournament pick 'em thing I set up for dumpin.net and me and Mike's various other activities. This is not an office pool, and there's no way anyone would ever send money like they're supposed to, but I can tell you the winner will get at least a wonderful XL t-shirt with iron-on letters saying you are DUMPIN BULLETHOLE NET SUPER HOTBALL MAN. I am excited to mail it out already. Hotball is what my four year old calls basketball.
If you go to Yahoo's fantasy sports bullshit, then click on the tourney pick 'em thing, you will join a group. The group number is #53883, and the password is juicyone. While you're there, feel free to join our dork baseball fantasy fag group too, which is group #121090, password is juicyone. Most of us in the baseball thing are sensible enough to not care about baseball, although one dude already asked me when's the draft through an email, which means he's already about 1000% more dedicated than most of us. I think the winner of that thing will get a collection of Mel Tillis 45s.