Jigsaw - Sky High

I've wanted this Jigsaw song for a while now, but it seems like it's kind of hard to get a hold of a vinyl copy of it. A few weeks ago I was on Ebay and I saw this 45 listed on there. The starting bid was $2.99, and I figured it would go for way more, since it was not only a 45 of "Sky High", but it was also some weird Japanese pressing with Mil Mascaras on the cover. I bid the low bid and ended up winning. The shipping from Japan ended up costing more than the record!

If you're not familiar with "Sky High", it's an old disco song, but not as cheesy as most disco. Once the chorus kicks in, you'll know if you've heard it before. I'm fairly certain it's been sampled a few times too. I couldn't tell you by who though.

The B side is one of those public domain College Football marching band type songs called "Sports March" by Pete Jones. For those familiar with Japanese wrestling, this is/was the song that was used for the opening theme for All Japan Pro Wrestling. Then again, I could be completely wrong, and could be thinking of a completely different marching band song. It's been a while since I've watched All Japan Pro Wrestling. I'm assuming I'm right though, and that would explain the wrestling themed cover.

I'm not sure where Jigsaw's "Sky High" would factor into Japanese wrestling though. I know Ultimo Dragon used a dance remix/cover version of the song for his entrance music in the 1996 J Crown, but that doesn't explain why the original was on a wrestling themed version in 1977. I doubt anyone out there knows, but if you do, feel free to drop some knowledge.

I made this into two separate files, because there's no real reason to download "Sports March" unless you're a completist.

Download: Side A: Jigsaw - Sky High
Side B: Pete Jones - Sports March

Or you can watch the "video" first, then decide if you want to download: