MR. SR. Battle temporary hiatus

What's up fake people on the other side of the robot box? The myspace rapper state repper battle was rather underwhelmingly received last go-round, and it usually takes like two hours of myspace crippling my internet welfare dial-up for me to get that shit together, so we're gonna put that shit on ice for the time being. Me and Mike thought it was a good idea, and it might be, but it obviously ain't the right time. Motherfuckers is probably tired cuz it's so hot out. Although then again most of you fags is inside on the computer in the conditioned air anyways, so you're probably just a bunch of lazy fucks.
If this dude I know who doesn't have internet welfare at work ups the other stupid song I axed him to, I'll probably change the ewa jambox by the end of the week. Or I probably won't. Hard to tell. I'm a tempermental type of internet faggot and the internet seems mad time-wasteful sometimes, time that could be better spent smashing cars with sledgehammers or smoking weed through beercans in a diesel truck driven by some spanish dude who looks like Osama bin Laden.