Awkward Moments in Rap History (Part 1)

So I had some ideas for a few news posts to revive this blog that revolved around video content. Mainly because it's easy to throw up a video and everyone loves watching videos instead of reading. I have one idea that I planned to open with, but then I stumbled across this video and decided to start it off with my back up idea. Without further ado......


I came up on these videos completely by accident, so I don't have much background, but I can tell you, I have a hard time watching these without cringing and looking away. Sooooo awkward. For your viewing pleasure, here is a rap group called 501st A.D. performing at their first show (which appears to be some kind of talent show). 501st A.D. is a multi-culti Star Wars themed rap group and well, yeah.....

501st A.D. - Sandtroopahs Gitt Dirtty

501st A.D. - Galactic War