Some Mixes

The PSY/OPSogist from Solaris Earth Pipeline, whom I reviewed a while back, put together one of them there hip hop mixes. It kind of runs the gamut of the rap from Outkast to Eric B and Clouddead and whatever in between. It's pretty good and a great way to kill an hour and 18 minutes.

C.O.D. Mix by The PSY/OPSogist

There's a podcast called Mad Decent Worldwide by that dude Diplo of Hollertronix and M.I.A fame. The 9th installment has a great Halloween (I know it's kind of late) mix by some guy named d-128. This guy covers a lot of ground. Three Six Mafia, Blackula, Altered Beast, Smashing Pumpkins, Shai (!!!) and much much more. Definitely check it out, and if you have itunes, go to the itunes store and search for the Mad Decent worldwide podcast for more eclectic mixes.

Mad Decent Worldwide #9

A mix I made should be coming up later on today.